Don’t go! Seriously, if you’re not into hot and spicy food hang in there, because this isn’t. Terms like ‘atomic’ and ‘Hiroshima’ have become (rather distastefully in my opinion) pretty clichéd with food, conjuring up images of having your head blown off with fiery chilli and spices and stocking up the freezer with toilet roll, but the truth of why this dish is called Hiroshima chicken is much more exciting than that.

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Amatriciana sauce comes from the Italian town of Amatrice, east of Rome, where it’s the star of an annual public feast in August. It’s a very simple tomato based sauce with chilli and pancetta or bacon, and is easily my favourite pasta sauce. So much so, in fact, that I’ve been on a bit of a quest to find the best one in Adelaide (or really anywhere else for that matter).

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Murray Tyler

South Australia