I’m Murray, and I live in South Australia. My purpose with this website is to share some of my love of food, and to share some of the recipes that come from my family or that we have been making, eating and enjoying with our boys over the years. To quote my favourite TV cook, Nigella Lawson, ‘cooking isn’t just about ingredients, weights and measures: it’s social history, personal history’.

Separately to food, I’m somewhat of an expert with Microsoft Excel, and I am a regular volunteer contributor to the community forum helping people out with questions about this excellent piece of software. You can see my profile and the questions that I answer here.

Back on the food front, I’d dabbled for quite a while but took over the family cooking role in October 2007. The website name, DadsOnion.com comes from our time in South Australia (we have been here over 20 years but originally come from Western Australia). Virtually everybody in South Australia drinks Farmers Union Iced Coffee but driving one day when my second son was little he saw a sign and pronounced it as “Farmers Onion Iced Coffee”, which is what we always called it after that.

One morning I asked the boys if they would like me to make them an iced coffee, which I did. It was a pretty passable copy of the real thing, so the boys called it Dad’s Onion Iced Coffee. After that, many things I made that were replicas of something commercially available, or that we had had in a restaurant or such, became known as Dad’s Onion something or other.

A note about recipe measures. I am using Australian standard metric measures, meaning a cup is 250ml, a tablespoon is 20ml and a teaspoon is 5ml.

I hope you enjoy my page, and if you have an Excel question, please seek me out.


November 2018

(For Rachel H. - this probably would never have happened without your help.)